Adesh Chaurasia Updates — AgriTech

The world population is projected to grow to twenty-ninth by 2050 nearing a staggering ten billion and another 1.3 billion by 2100. Bharat is projected to feature another thirty crores to its population by 2050.

We cannot use similar old unsustainable agricultural practices and philosophies to accommodate the quickly growing population because it would place nice pressure on the surroundings and natural resources, boosting gas emissions.

Fingers are pointed, and other people are damned all for no sensible reason. …

Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Neo Banking
Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Neo Banking

The banking sector is changing all over the world rapidly. Be it the products or the way of rendering offerings, economic entities are embracing disruptive technologies, and clients are put on the CenterPoint of the entire business method. The behavior of a bank now stays or functions completely in sync with the requirement of the client. Disruptive technologies, that are now playing a vast position across the BFSI zone, have come to be extra evident due to the sudden outbreak of a pandemic.

Earlier, the digital services across the banks had seemed to be counted of convenience, but now it…

Adesh Chaurasia — GMV vs NMV
Adesh Chaurasia — GMV vs NMV

What should the Young Startups opt for?

Before we dive into the main topic as to which is the best for startups, let us know briefly what these terms GMV and NMV actually refer to.

Both GMV and NMV are two of the most widely known and used terms in the world of e-Commerce.

  • GMV: GMV represents Gross Merchandise Value. It’s the all-out value of merchandise sold throughout some stretch of time through an e-Commerce site. This term signifies the development of the business, or all the more definitely, it demonstrates how helpful the site is in selling merchandise.


Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Healthcare Apps
Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Healthcare Apps

Increase in life expectancy and decrease in both birth rates and death rates are some of the major factors that have contributed to aging of the population. The World Health Organisation survey indicated that by 2050, the number of old adults will surpass the number of children on the planet.

Such a condition clearly explains that the independent population who is incharge of the older ( dependent ) population gets affected whether in a formal context ( medical staff,healthcare professionals and caregivers ) or an informal context ( family and friends ).

Therefore, the establishment of technologically driven ways to…

Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Sports Help Children
Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Sports Help Children

Children demand to get indulged in various activities to satisfy their curiosity, ever changing interests and volatile span of attention. Getting involved in sporty activities may help them to rightly attain the above mentioned goals.

Being a part of a sports team induces a sense of teamwork, collectivity and togetherness in children.

As adults, parents know the value of staying active and fit. Therefore, they make sure their kids indulge in some or the other sports activities to stay energetic and healthy.

Playing games, having fun, running, laughing together and enjoying moments beautifully mark the wonderful phase of life known…

Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Impression & Experience
Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Impression & Experience

‘ I’ve learnt that people will forget,what you said,people will forget what you did,but people will never forget how you made them feel’

-Maya Angelou

We are told that first impressions we give out to the people we meet play an important role in how that person perceives us to be from that very moment.

For instance- If we are in a social setting, there are many people present who we don’t recognise or know. …

Adesh Chaurasia Updates— Paying Rent With A Card

On the off chance that you regularly utilize your Mastercard to acquire compensations on the things you purchase each day, charging your month-to-month lease part can be a fast technique to amass broadly more fixations or miles. Paying your lease with a Visa is more significant than working out a check every month. It goes with explicit burdens.

Because of COVID — 19 pandemic, different individuals are going through a shortage of liquidity considering occupation catastrophe, pay cut, or business incident. For the current condition, they are tracking down some other source to pay their lease and different costs on…

Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Biotechnology

Biotechnology is any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use. The OECD (the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development) defines biotechnology as the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials by biological agents”. Thus, Biotechnology basically means using biology as the basis for a technology that is applied to research and product development in areas such as agriculture, food science, and medicine.

The Academic Standards for Science and Technology defines Biotechnology as the ways that humans apply biological concepts to produce products…

Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Ethernet

Ethernet is the single most widely used form of the local area network currently in existence. The original design for Ethernet was created by Xerox, and was based on an earlier design that was known as Aloha-net. After the initial creation and success of Ethernet, the product went through further enhancement under the auspices of Xerox, Intel, and DEC.

How Did Ethernet Get Its Name?

Robert Metcalfe, who was one of the developers working on the original design, came up with the name. The designation is based on the idea of light transmitting ether that was at one time thought…

Adesh Chaurasia — Wholesale Success
Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Wholesale Success

In order to have success within the wholesale business you need to follow the three steps key components 98% average Joe marketer does not apply and fails to recognize as vital important factors for company short-term and long-term success as competition is getting heavier every day.

Every day it is getting more attractive to start selling wholesale items online and offline because of the profit potential many products carry. …

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