How First Impressions and Experiences have a Lasting Impact ?

Adesh Chaurasia
3 min readJul 6, 2021
Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Impression & Experience
Adesh Chaurasia Updates — Impression & Experience

‘ I’ve learnt that people will forget,what you said,people will forget what you did,but people will never forget how you made them feel’

-Maya Angelou

We are told that first impressions we give out to the people we meet play an important role in how that person perceives us to be from that very moment.

For instance- If we are in a social setting, there are many people present who we don’t recognise or know. Amongst the crowd if you find that one person giving a warm smile at you in order to greet and emit warmth, it will convince you to smile back and maybe think about the kind gesture the person just portrayed.

Kindness is a free gift we can present to anyone and everyone we meet. Knowing the person is not that important, just a kind gesture such as giving out a sweet smile or saying hello can make someone’s day.

One never knows in what way we impact other people’s lives. Carrying and radiating positivity is always a wonderful idea to work on for others as well as for our own selves.

Having a positive mindset and approach towards life helps to keep us motivated and enthusiastic.

An individual’s aura and personality carries more weight than any other thing one portrays, especially, during first meetings. The young millennials and Gen Z believe a lot in energy exchange,aura, feels and vibrations ( also known as vibes) emitted by people they meet.

Also, the growing infatuation towards yoga and meditation makes people more aware about the chakras’ alignment when one talks,chats and spends time together. It’s becoming a trending idea to catch vibrations and move accordingly. This is how people choose to be friends with people nowadays. Since, we voluntarily are responsible to choose people we spend our time with,it’s an idea to opt for a group of people with whom we thoroughly enjoy.

As kids we were always told to make use of certain golden words like sorry, thank you,welcome,etc because it helps in giving out a good impression and also shows that one knows good manners.

According to me, building a personality that portrays confidence as well as comfort to people is very important in this world where people are hideously stressed and anxious.

Happiness and positivity is indeed contagious. A single smile spreads a blast of goodness around.

Taking small steps

Small steps lead to great destinations. Given below are some tips one may consider while trying to give out tremendously amazing first impressions and experiences-:

  • Be genuine

Try to be as genuine and true as you are. Avoid pretending to be someone you are not because it may make you uncomfortable and thus awkward.

  • Greet warmly with a smile

Greeting is the initial thing that grasps another person’s attention. A warm smile with a kind greeting drops a wonderful impression.

  • Comply with the concept of small talk wisely

A conversation with the person one meets for the first time is initially driven by some amount of small talk. However, one must learn how to do small talk in a decent manner. Small talks getting stretched beyond a certain limit becomes boring and haywire.

  • Be in the moment

Make sure you are totally involved in the conversation without getting distracted or lost. Be completely present in the moment of interaction.

  • Try to be a good listener

Make sure you practice being a listener to the person at the other end. Listen carefully and try to understand genuinely. This helps in building a trustworthy and comfortable connection.


Kindness is a gift that should be shared. The world needs more of it

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