Terrorism: Threat to Humanity

Adesh Chaurasia
3 min readApr 19, 2021

What is terrorism? Is it just bombings? Or is it just Massacre? Terrorism is an unlawful and heinous act committed in the name of greater belief for satisfying the need of self or any other individual/group. Terrorism is armed with fear, the fear their agents breed into the hearts of a common person, with commitment of atrocity. When any individual or group of individuals execute any act of terror or violence upon civilians in order to have their demands met is terrorism, conducted by terrorist. Some of them pursue this because they are capable of it, others have nuisance agenda behind it which matters to nobody and is of no importance. They induce common people from all over the world and train them, brainwash them to believe that their idea is worth the life of countless innocent people. Terrorism and Terrorists disrupts peace in one region with their Acts of Violence and the entire world has to suffer. If Any act of terror is committed anywhere around the world, every other government fears for the life of their citizens, disruption of trade, market situations, livelihood of their citizens living abroad.

All of these acts, forces different governments to take certain measures to respond to it, or in best case to protect themselves and prevent any of it, before it happens. Act of terrorism directly violates the fundamental right “Right to life” mentioned in the constitution and the perpetrators can never be spared or reasoned with even in worst case scenarios. Terrorism as it is; is a threat to all humankind and humanity as we know it, with the continuous spread of terrorism and false beliefs, that day is not very far when everyone we know will jump right into it, be it in the name of prevention. Nobody would render better than the terrorists we surely despise today. And that won’t be their fault if they do so, it will be ours, it is our responsibility that today, we take certain actions for prevention and treatment of this leech on humanity.

In certain regions of the world, We often see, Kids who are still in their teens are handed Rifles, Grenades to support the belief forced upon them. They are forced to act as Slaves, Soldiers, Guards to those who by force make them do so, with help of Money and Power these aristocrats rule over them, without fear of their life. What’s lost here? The Humanity of that Kid, The belief of that kid’s parents, The will to fight for lives. Everything that kid should have never even heard of, ends up doing the same. These kinds of people take advantage of religious beliefs of the innocent and turn them into their pet soldiers, to carry out their heinous acts, which they are too afraid to even see with naked eye.

Certain alliances and organizations has been formed to combat and prevent terrorism but even they can’t do everything. Every Individual, Every Viable and responsible group should support the cause to prevent terrorism. Every honorable nation should lend a hand in cleansing this world of terrorism. Every year we loose innumerable lives to terrorism, lives of innocent citizens just taking a walk, people hanging around. Terrorism is the one means which definitely will end world as we know it, if not controlled. Organizations and Alliances should rally all their resources together to eradicate terrorism along with terrorists so that anyone even willing to do so in future must shiver at the mere thought of it.

The Nations, Organizations who continue to support terrorism should take a reality check on what they have wrought upon the world. The day won’t be far when they turn on your people, or maybe they already have.

It’s time to put a Stop to terrorism, before it stops the flow of humanity.



Adesh Chaurasia

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